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student project showcase

These example below are brief overviews of student projects from Minarets High School.

Our senior was project was called a SENIOR LEGACY EXPERIENCE and was designed to be a capstone project that was connection between the student, the school and the community. 

One of the early service projects at Minarets was the Veterans' Project. What started out as a celebratory dinner for local veterans quickly turned into a complete documentary film series. The dinner became an annual event, but the interviews and documentary films became the products of the students' inquiry. They not only shared these videos online, entered them into film contests and sent them to the Library of Congress, they also screened them each year for the primary audience (the participating local veterans).

In the Spring of 1999, my high school leadership students at Buchanan High School began an annual student-coordinated fashion show - AMBIANCE - as a fundraiser for Valley Children's Hospital. To this day, the show continues and they have raised thousands of dollars over the years. 

In the fall of 1999, my leadership students at Buchanan High School responded to our campus crisis and need for greater diversity, tolerance and acceptance. They created a unique event - HARMONY - designed to showcase special education students and all the unique student cultures on campus. Early on, it was a National Organization of Disabilities Award and continues to be a life-changing production each year at Buchanan High School. It too is now beyond it's 20th year. 

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